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Mid Surrey Ramblers Insurance Summary

The MSR Insurance policy has been arranged by the Howden UK Group Ltd specifically for rambling clubs and is underwritten by Hiscox Underwriting Ltd. A key feature of the policy is that it provides legal liability protection to MSR members in the event of a claim being made against them by a third party, such as a landowner or a member of the public. For a claim to be successful, the affected party has to demonstrate they have suffered bodily injury or damage to their property as a result of negligence.


The policy also provides professional indemnity and management liability cover for the Management Committee. The policy does not provide medical or personal accident cover.

As with all insurance, the policy includes an obligation to take reasonable steps to prevent accident and injury occurring. Failure to do so could invalidate a claim. In relation to this, members are asked to note the health and safety guidance for members

Any incident occurring which could potentially lead to a claim being made, should be reported immediately using the MSR Incident Report Form which can be downloaded by clicking Incident Report Form

The key features of the policy are as follows.

Public and products liability: 
•    Claims made against the Management Committee and members for bodily injury or damage to third-party property (including a claim made by one member against another member).
•    Claims made against the Management Committee for legal liability arising from a breach of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Professional indemnity:
•    Claims made against the Management Committee or members acting on its behalf for negligence, breach of duty or care, breach of confidence or misuse of any information.
•    Claims made against the Management Committee for defamation or an infringement of intellectual property rights.

Management liability:
•    Claims made against Management Committee for wrongful acts, errors or omissions including breach of duty, breach of trust, negligence and defamation.

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