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Health & Safety Guidance for Members

Leaders should:

  • Walk out routes beforehand and note any hazards and significant risks.

  • Appoint a backmarker and pause at appropriate points to allow the group to consolidate

       and ensure nobody is missing.

  • Ensure that at least one member remains with anyone who is injured or feels unwell during a walk until help comes or accompanies that person back to their car.

  • Consider cancelling their walk in very hot weather.

All walkers should:

  • Be fit enough to walk the specified distance, wear/carry appropriate clothing and footwear, bring adequate refreshments suitable for the length of walk and weather conditions, and carry sufficient first aid equipment to treat minor injuries.


  • Advise the leader, or alert another walker to advise the leader, if they are finding the walk difficult, decide to leave the walk, or if they wish to temporarily withdraw or drop behind for any reason.

  • ​Advise the leader of any medical issues they have, that might affect their ability to complete the walk.

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