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Reporting of Incidents

Overall, walking is one of the safest outdoor activities. Nevertheless, incidents can occur and the following gives guidance on what to do in such circumstances.
1.    What type of incident should be reported? 
Any incidents that concern you specifically whenever emergency services have been involved, medical assistance has been sought, third party property has been damaged, or after a near miss, should be reported by the leader. 
Any information supplied is confidential. If in doubt, please report the incident.
2.    Incidents that must be reported
•    A fatal accident. 
•    Any injury involving either referral to, or actual hospital treatment.
•    Any incident which could potentially result in a claim for legal liability being made against        MSR or one of its members (See MSR Insurance Summary).
•    A near miss. 
A near miss is an unplanned event that did not result in an injury requiring hospital treatment or damage to a third-party’s property, but which had the potential to do so. It would include a situation where a walker is lost for a period of time, but later is reunited with the group.
3.    How should it be reported?
Please use the Incident Report Form [Incident Report Form].  The completed form should be returned to the Treasurer ( by no later than the day following the incident. 

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